About Me

Hi! I’m Helena


About Me

Hi! I’m Helena


Hello, I’m Helena and I welcome you to our beautiful home in the heart of the ‘Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve’.

I am a qualified gastronomist and psychotherapist. I’m a mom of three children and happily married to my husband Antonio.

We decided to start Moinho do Quarta to give others the opportunity to see and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding areas.  We welcome you and your children to delve into the abundant nature around us.

At Moinho do Quarta we grow our own vegetables, as we find it important to step away from the industrialised food production.  We welcome you to pick your own fruits, walk barefoot, feel the sand between your toes, smell the unpolluted crisp fresh air and listen to the birds singing their beautiful tunes.

All our vegetables are grown without any harmful pesticides and chemicals and may be eaten directly even without washing.  Release the inner child in you, pick carrots, simply wipe the earth off and enjoy the fresh, full flavour crunch in each bite. Taste the difference in home grown food and you’d wish you grew your own too.

As a special openings offer, we offer all our local customers a pack of mixed vegetable seeds so you may go home and enjoy your own home-grown food.

“The only thing a human really needs is to feel loved and to give love… to live with pure nature and to learn respect for nature, animals and himself. – Helena Stutz

If peace and tranquility and unspoilt nature is your kind of holiday and getaway, this is the perfect place to come rest, relax, write and simply be one with nature.

Hello, I’m Rosalie the boss

I’m a sweet one-year-old “Deutsche Dogge“.  I may look big for my age and maybe a little scary, but I’m actually very  friendly and calm especially around children. 

I love tummy rubs, hugs and treats but please ask my mommy first if I’m allowed as I may get a upset tummy.  Sometimes I get a little excited and happy to see you, and may jump up on you to say hello and give you a hug.  I love all our visitors and all our visitors love me.  If you are allergic to dogs or dog hair please inform my mommy when booking your accommodation.

Please refrain from giving me any bones or leaving any bones on the ground, especially chicken bones as these may get stuck in my throat and hurt me.

Thank you, and I hope to meet you soon ~ Rosalie & Family~

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